Season 3

This is Doug Brochu and Tiffany Espensen's last season. They both did not reprise their roles in the following season. Mitchell Hope did carry on Brandon's legacy in Season 4 but did not reprise the role in Season 5. Tiffany Thornton was also added but got fired after the season finale of Season 4. Mitchell Hope wasn't interested to play as Brandon anymore.


Main Cast:

Jack Griffo as Jacob

Tiffany Espensen as Leslie

Peyton List as Samantha

Doug Brochu as Brandon

Reccuring Cast:

Kevin Chamberlin as Mr. Rosenberg

Piper Curda as Mrs. Modena


1. The Storm is in School-9/7/12

2. Scarecrows in School-9/14/12

3. Popcorn in School-9/21/12

4. House in School-9/28/12

5. Sleepover in School-10/5/12

6. Computers in School-10/12/12

7. Presidents in School-11/2/12

8. Moving in School-11/9/12

9. A Fire in School-12/7/12

10. Board Games in School-1/11/13

11. Summer in School-1/25/13

12. Accidents in School-2/8/13

13. Horror Stories in School-2/22/13

14. Paintings in School-3/8/13

15. Relatives in School-3/15/13

16. What Just Happened in School Part 1-4/19/13

17. What Just Happened in School Part 2-4/26/13

18. Music in School-6/21/13

19. TV's in School-7/26/13

20. Traffic in School-8/23/13